How Aqua-Net works

Aqua-Net childproof design

The Aqua-Net system is designed in such a way that it is only possible for adults to remove the net.

The pre-shrunk net mesh of 8 cm makes it impossible for even the smallest toddlers' head to go through.

The special U.V. treated polyethylene braid has a breaking strain of 160 kgs per strand.

A toddler cannot crawl to the centre or under the net.

Available in blue or black.

Fitting and removal of Aqua-Net

A specially designed Central Tension System is operated by eleven pulleys built into the net.

By simply loosening the tension rope, all the tension is released on the net. The net is now ready to be removed with ease.

To refit, fastening points are replaced in the anchors and the pulley rope pulled, tightening the net from the centre.

The tension of the net can be adjusted from tight to very tight. The pulley system does not tangle.

Aqua-Net floats for added safety

The float keeps the net a constant height above the water level even if the water rises.

It supports the net toward the centre of the pool.

Aqua-Net easy plate anchoring system

Self locking clips, fully adjustable.

Designed so that children cannot stub their toes or hurt their feet.

There are no large holes, making the EASI-PLATE system ideal for tiled pool surroundings.

The EASI-PLATE system will not clog with dirt or dust.

Construction: stainless steel or glass filled nylon in terracotta, grey, black or beige.


The Aqua-Roller is now available in Spain including Menorca, Mallorca, Ibiza and Balearics.

The roller is portable, lightweight and it is not a permanent fixture.

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