Pool safety for Spain, Menorca, Mallorca, Ibiza and Balearics

"Owning or renting your villa in Spain, Menorca, Mallorca or any of the other Balearic Islands like Ibiza or Formentera, pool safety is everyone's responsibility"

Every year we hear of tragic accidents involving children drowning in swimming pools. Most of these accidents occur in pools owned by relatives, neighbours or friends. All these accidents are preventable with the right course of action.

There are different systems in the market however Aqua-Net has a 100% safety record. Our safety net complies with the United States A.S.T.M. standards for pool safety nets (F1346-91).

CAPSA - Child Accident Prevention Foundation of S.A.

This non-profit organisation has as its main aim, the education of the public with regards to safety issues relating to children. The organisation, through education, aims to minimise the number of child related accidents. Aqua-Net's primary product is the Aqua-Net Pool Safety Net. Our affiliation to CAPFSA is both from a social responsibility point of view as well as to offer credibility to our brand.

NSPI - National Spa and Pool Institute of S.A.

This is an organisation consisting of companies who trade as part of the swimming pool industry both from the building side as welll as the retail trade where the focus is on servicing and maintenence of swimming pools. The NSPI acts as an arbitrator in the event of disputes arising between customers and members of the institute, in the industry. A code of conduct accepted by members is applied in the resolution of disputes.

Link to International Standards Worldwide Link to Child Accident Prevention Foundation of S.A. Link to National Spa & Pool Institute of S.A.

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